Tom Teasley – Sounds from the Underground

Organization(s): Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, George Mason University, and City of Fairfax Parks and Recreation

| Virtual
| 2:15 pm
- 3:40 pm
Man with drumset
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This course will consist of four live-stream events from Tom Teasley’s home studio with four separate artists. They will collaborate in real time as well as have an informal conversation about their work, background and process of artistic creation.

Guest Artist: Micah Hendler

Micah Hendler (Forbes 30 Under 30 for Music) is a musical changemaker working to harness the power in each of our voices to make a difference.

Micah is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Jerusalem Youth Chorus, an Israeli-Palestinian music and dialogue project featured for its innovative musicianship and integrity of purpose and process from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert to the New York Times. Through the co-creation of music and the sharing of stories, the chorus empowers young singers from East and West Jerusalem to speak and sing their truths as they become leaders in their communities and inspire singers and listeners around the world to join them in their work for peace, justice, inclusion, and equality.

Micah is also a Founding Partner of Raise Your Voice Labs, a creative culture transformation company that helps organizations, companies, and communities realign and reengage around a shared vision and build cultures of resilience, adaptability, inclusive leadership, and supportive accountability.  In the Lab, any team can unleash their creative and collaborative abilities, as they work together to reimagine what is possible and create a stunningly honest and inspiring video that can serve as a musical north star in their pursuit of that future.

Micah writes for on music, society, and social change in a global context and serves in volunteer leadership capacities for the Justice Choir and Braver Angels grassroots movements. He currently lives in Washington, DC.

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